Thursday, 30 June 2016

Business to Business – Agents and Distributors

  • After knowing well knowledge on how B2C module works in Cloud based Saas solution now we will deep into  B2B module working. B2B module empowers its Travel Agents to develop themselves into professional Online Travel Agents and sell tickets on International, Domestic Flights and on all provided Services. The Cloud based system also offers the dynamic ability to book with simple commands on all GDS and with an API direct bookings access on all Services.
    B2B offers their Travel Agents 24/7 Bookings, Cancellations and View Reports with individual User logo on the portal. Uniquely the system provides transparency on bookings, cancellations, accounts information and also process refunds.
    Features of B2B module:
      Online Bookings/Cancellations.
        Monitor own Bookings/Cancellations.
        Add your own Markup & Profit.
        Check your account online.
        Print tickets with your logo.
        Issue Promotional offers with your logo.
        Payment options through Banks/Net Banking/Credit card/Debit card options.
    The basic difference between Agents and Distributors as follows:
    Agents can do bookings for all services through the Agent Balance as well as payment gateway option. Agent is provided with all the features like Bookings, Cancellations, Print ticket, Check Status and Email/Sms ticket details. Also can add their own Markup & Profit.
    Whereas Distributors cannot do any bookings but can monitor all the Bookings and Cancellations from their accounts. Also can add their own Markup & Profit.
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